Best Professional Roof Cleaning Services

We provide the best professional roof cleaning services in all of Florida. We are in this business for over 10 years and have cleaned thousands of roofs to this date. We use a soft wash to clean your roof.

If you are looking for roof cleaning services in Florida – Bestpressurewashingfl is here to help! We can remove any dirt and grime from your roof without damaging it. We are well-trained and experienced professionals that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will work around your busy schedule. The top of the house is an essential part if you want to improve the look of your home or property, give us a call today to get free estimates!

Over time, algae can build up on your roof, causing it to lose some of its protective qualities. As the sun beats down on your roof and heats up the roofing material, the algae grow faster, leading to mold growth.

Our roof cleaning experts are well-trained to clean your roof thoroughly to increase the life of your roof. We will remove all kinds of stubborn paint, algae, moss, dirt, dust, mildew, and debris from your roof using our latest equipment and our soft washing techniques.

Pressure washing is not always the best option to clean the roofs sometimes a soft wash is a better choice. Soft washing is good for your roof, as it uses a combination of safe soaps, chemicals, and surfactants to break down dirt, grime, and other contaminants. It’s also eco-friendly and won’t damage your roof.

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Services We Provide

Types of Roof We Clean – Professional Roof Cleaning Services in Florida

The roof cleaning experts at Bestpressurewashingfl offer two types of roof cleaning or washing services.

1. Residential roof cleaning
2. Commercial roof cleaning


Residential Roof Cleaning

It is important to clean your residential roof at least two times a year once in the spring and once in the autumn season. Roofs are important parts of the house because they protect the whole structure of the house.

Many people don’t take their roof cleaning as seriously as they take other parts of the house. A dirty roof means an accumulation of dirt, leaves, moss, and other debris which can lead to problems like pests or leaks. That’s why it is very important to clean your residential roof at least twice a year.

Cleaning your home roof not only increases its appearance but also makes it more energy efficient. Bestpressurewashingfl is a professional roof cleaning company in Florida that provides the most reliable and affordable roof cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Focus on growing your business and our roof cleaners will take care of your’s business or commercial building roof and gutter system. We provide different types of services to keep your roof and gutters clean and free from any kind of dirt and debris, our services include gutter cleaning, pressure washing, power washing, window cleaning, etc.

Our team of roof cleaning experts will finish their work quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your business as usual.

Florida Home With Tile Roofing - Professional Roof Cleaning Services in Florida

Are you looking for Professional Roof Cleaning Services near you?

If you are looking for a reliable and professional roof cleaning service near you? Look no further than our team of experts at Bestpressurewashingfl. The thing that makes us different from other cleaning companies in the market is that we offer a wide range of roof cleaning services that are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

We use the latest available equipment in the market and use special techniques to clean roofs quickly and efficiently. To give our customers general peace of mind we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. Our roof cleaning technician helped hundreds of homeowners in Florida in getting back their home curb appeal.

What are the Benefits of hiring a Roof Cleaning Company?

There are many benefits of hiring a roof cleaning company.

1. They are professionally trained and know how to remove dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and moss correctly which can lead the roof to premature deterioration or aging.

2. Professional roof cleaners have the desired knowledge and experience to clean the roof safely and effectively without damaging it.

3. They have the right types of equipment to reach all those hard-to-reach areas on your roof.

4. Professionals have a lot of experience in cleaning roofs and it’s easier for them to analyze or spot any potential problems before they become big or expensive problems.

5. Another reason to hire a professional to get your roof cleaned is that they can remove any kind of build-up of mold, mildew, algae, moss, and lichen which can spread across the shingles and also prevent them from further growth in the future.

6. They can inform you of any kind of big problems in your roof such as cracks or leaks.

7. You will always have peace of mind that your roof is taken care of by expert roof cleaners who know their work.

Best Methods To Clean A Roof – Get Rid of Moss, Roof Algae

Roof With Moss - Best Methods To Clean A Roof

Soft washing is the most preferred and safe method to clean roofs with shingles. A soft wash solution can eliminate any kind of harmful roof contaminants and the remaining residue that is left on the shingles will inhibit further fungus growth.

The soft washing method is highly effective and a much safer method to clean roofs than pressure washing. We use chemicals that are specifically designed for roofs for the best possible results.

In soft washing, we use a low-pressure power washer and a biodegradable solution to clean the exterior of your home. This process is effective in cleaning dirt, mold, pollen, and mildew from your siding as well as concrete, brick, and stone.

While we are soft washing your home’s exterior, we can also wash other outdoor surfaces such as walkways, patios, and decks!

Pressure washing is not recommended for asphalt shingles and tiles roofing as it can seriously damage them or loosen them.

Contact us today for any kind of commercial or residential roof cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Good to Wash My Roof Regularly in Florida?

Florida is a hot and humid state. Many homeowners try to take all the necessary measures to cool down their homes during the summer months, but very few actually think about their roofs. It is necessary to remember that your roof is exposed to the elements just like the rest of your home and regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way in prolonging its life.

Now the question is how often should you wash your roof? That completely depends on various other factors, such as the type of roof you have and the trees surrounding your home. If you have a shingle roof, then it’s a good idea to wash it at least once a year. If you have a tile roof, you may be able to get away with washing it every other year.

Just don’t use a pressure washer to clean your roof.

What Is the Cost of Roof Cleaning? Do You Provide Free Estimate

The cost of roof cleaning in Florida generally costs between $100 and $200. The average roof cleaning cost is $175, but the cost can range from as low as $75 to as high as $300. The cost of roof cleaning will depend on the size of your roof, the type of roof you have, and how difficult it is to clean your roof. For example, a two-story home with a tile roof will typically cost more to clean than a one-story home with an asphalt shingle roof.

Homeowners’ insurance typically not covered roof cleaning that’s why it is important to keep your roof clean to prevent damage from debris, dirt, moss, and algae growth. A professional best roof cleaning company like ours will have the proper equipment and experience to safely and effectively clean your roof.

For algae and moss removal services contact us at 888-605-4825.

Is It Ok to Use Pressure Wash to Remove Moss off My Roof?

A roof with moss looks ugly and it can also be a sign of some bigger problem. If you don’t take moss seriously then be prepared to see damaged shingles which can lead to leaks. There are several simple ways to remove moss from your roof but that doesn’t mean you should start cleaning your roof alone.

If you are thinking about using pressure wash to remove moss from your roof then we will say it’s a very bad idea even if you adjust your pressure washing machine to a lower pressure setting.

Why take so much risk to clean your roof when there are professional roof cleaners available with just a single call. Our team of cleaning professionals has all the necessary equipment to clean any kind of moss and algae from your roof effectively and efficiently. 

Is It a Good Idea to Clean Your Roof by Yourself?

Roof cleaning is a time-consuming task and also climbing up on your roof generally seems like a good idea but it’s not. There are many dangerous factors involved while cleaning roofs. First, roof generally gets slippery when they are wet and there is a high risk of falling and injuring yourself.

Second, if you’re not careful, you could damage your roof by walking on it or using the wrong cleaning products.

Is Power Wash or Pressure Wash Good for My Roof?

No, power washing or pressure washing is not good for your roof. It can damage the asphalt shingles or tiles on your roof which can cause leaks and other types of problems.

Is It Necessary to Clean Solar Panels on Your Roof?

No, it is not necessary to clean your solar panels every day. Solar panels are generally designed to be self-cleaning. The glasses of solar panels are coated with a thin layer of silicon which causes water to bead up and roll off. Dirt and dust both are removed in the same way.

Even if you are living in an area with high levels of air pollution the rain will usually wash away any grime that has accumulated on the panels.

Do You Also Offer Gutter Cleaning Services?

Yes, we do offer gutter cleaning services as well call us at 888-605-4825 to get a free quote today.

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